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Gurubhav Param Tirtham

ll Hari Om ll

Gurubhav Param Tirtham

“Gurubhavah Param Tirtham, Anyatirtham Nirarthakam, l
Sarvatirthashrayam Devi Padangushthe che Vartate ll
Om Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwarebhyam Namah” ll

Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu explained the meaning of this Aradhana Jyoti given in the Aradhana Jyoti Pustika. The entire Aradhana Jyoti is dedicated to Sadguru.

He started His discourse by explaining a small part of prose from Shree Hanuman Challisa. Hanuman Challisa starts with “Shree Guru Charan Saroj Raj, Nij Manu Mukur Sudhari”. Manu Mukur means let my brow be covered and bestowed with the grace of having Sadguru’s charan-dhul (soil touched by Sadguru’s feet). One should gauge the importance of Sadguru’s charan dhul from this when an extremely pure and sacred hymn like Hanuman Challisa describes it this way. Our mind, conscience and thinking that are muddied by various shadripus (attractions and honey-traps) which can be cleaned only by Sadguru and no one else.

He further drew a reference from Shree Sunderkand which says that “Garala Sudha Ripu Karahi Mitai” which means that with Sadguru’s blessings even our foe transforms to our friend. To explain this in the real sense He says that, a foe becoming a friend means, whatever our foe does against us turns to be blessing in disguise and it actually becomes beneficial to us.

He says that Ram- Bhakta (devotee) Hanumant’s Challisa starts with praise, respect and adoration of Sadguru, which illustrates that Sadguru and Parmatma (God), (here Parmatma Ram) are not different but one and the same. For any endeavor to be successful in our life we need backing and blessings of Sadguru. Only Sadguru can do ‘Labhevin Priti’ (Unconditional, true and non-returns expecting love).
He further goes to explain that even a book can be our Sadguru. Great religious granthas (sacred books) like Sunderkand, Shree Sai Saccharita, Grantharaj Shreemad Purushartha, etc can also be our Sadguru.

Then He switched to the topic of recitations. Many people boast of completion recitations of some religious text or hymn for some stipuled number of times viz., reciting Hanuman Challisa or Ram Raksha or Ghorkashta Uddharana Stotra, etc for 108, times, etc. He explained that definitely these recitations are helpful and do give excellent results to bhaktas but a recitation will be truly helpful and would be impregnated by the blessings of Sadguru only when they are performed from bottom of one’s heart only out of love for God. Moreover one shouldn’t get on Could 9 after he finishes his recitation. Our Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu Himself also does these recitations. So He advises all the bhaktas to do the same but, further goes on to explain that as one goes on increasing his recitations his love, devotion towards Sadguru should increase and ego should decrease. He also promises that even if one doesn’t have complete concentration towards his recitations or if one thinks about the other worldly things during the process of recitations and worship, even if one makes numerous mistakes like these Sadguru will always take his care and accept his offering of recitations gleefully. Only He can do it because Sadguru is the ultimate zenith of Love, Purity, Compassion, etc. He says that to win Sadguru one needs to put in mahat-prayas (extreme efforts).

He gives example of Vibhishan (demon king Ravan’s brother) here. He says one’s trust on his Sadguru should be like Vibhishan. Goddess Sita was kidnapped and imprisoned by Ravan. Lord Ram couldn’t even locate Her for the start (actually Lord knows everything but has to follow human limitations when he descends on this earth. And out of those human limitations Lord Ram chose to search for Sita with keeping in mind the human boundaries set which He was abiding voluntarily). Now Vibhishan was amongst the senior most ministers of Ravan’s cabinet, he was Ravan’s brother, this was the same Ravan who had kidnapped and imprisoned Goddess Sita. Looking at this situation from a layman’s point of view anybody would assume Lord Ram to be a normal human being and not Parmatma. But in spite of this, Vibhishan worshipped Lord Ram as his Sadguru and finally joined forces with Him against his own brother.

He further says that if one feels proud of oneself after achieving success and out of this thinking says that ‘I have done this, I got success, I am great, etc’ then he loses everything. For any success, credit should always be given to Sadguru. It is because of him that one achieves success and climbs new peaks of prosperity.


So now to inculcate this love, affection, worship, surrender and thoughts towards Sadguru one should chant this Aradhana Jyoti No. 17 everyday. The best time for the recitation of the same is the time when we get up from bed and the time when we go to sleep. At the time of getting up we should first recite mantras like “Om Krupa Sindhu Shri Sai Nathaya Namah”, “Om Abhay-data Shri Swami Samarthaya Namah”, “Om Manasamarthyadata Shri Aniruddha Namah”, etc and then start with this hymn. At the bedtime one can start it directly.

ll Hari Om ll
ll I am Ambadnya ll


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